The life of the museum founder Johann Krahuletz is inextricably linked to that of his role model and patron, Candid Ponz Reichsritter of Engelshofen. Engelshofen (1803 – 1866) lived in Schloss Stockern and was a collector in a noble tradition, the core of his interests was his prehistoric collection. Like his brothers and his father Georg Krahuletz, Johann Krahuletz belonged to the inner circle of friends and informants, under the wing of the baron the later founder of the museum Krahuletz made his first archaeological finds.

The exhibition takes a look at the obvious as well as in the distance: it follows the “home route” of the collector to his habitation Stockern and she presents the extensive circle of friends of the collector based on donations from Italy, Turkey, Hungary, Denmark or Northern Germany found their way into the collection Engelshofen.

from Saturday, April 7, 2018