The Waldviertel in the northwest of Lower Austria has shares in almost all rock units in Austria. The various rocks from a geological development history spanning hundreds of millions of years decisively shape the character of the Waldviertel landscape. With the Dobra gneiss, which has a rock age of 1.4 billion years, the Waldviertel is one of the oldest core areas of the crust of Central Europe. In the rock garden in front of the Krahuletz Museum, the most important rocks of the Waldviertel are set up and described in the form of 22 polished stone pillars. The impressive variety of rocks is made visible by the gneisses, marbles, granites, limestone stones and conglomerates set up here. The Waldviertel rock garden is always freely accessible. For more information on the rocks, visit the geological collection of the Krahuletz Museum!